The information age is here and your customers expect to get their financial information instantly regardless of their location or the time of day. The Real-Time Online Banking application solution from Automated Systems, Inc. provides your customers exactly what they need: Real-time accurate information from anywhere in the world, 24 hours a day, seven days a week.
The Insite Online Banking™ application solution incorporates your corporate image including colors, logos, graphics, fonts and messages. Your internet banking website is just an extension of your bank. The website is a completely customizable application for your staff to ensure it is consistent with your other marketing efforts. Plus, combined with our Mobile Banking and Business Banking products, you have a broad-based, robust online platform that covers the full range of customer needs and expectations.
The Insite Online Banking™ System is the internet application solution that gives you a competitive advantage. It is simply the most robust and feature-rich system available to community banks today that can be fully integrated into the Insite Core™ system. It can deliver real-time, interactive solutions to both your retail and commercial customers, making it possible for up-to-the-minute information to be available. When it is combined with the Online Insite Phone Banking System, it provides real-time information regardless where your customer accesses their account. With every transaction, the new balances are instantly available throughout the Insite Banking System™.
With our Online Banking application your customers have greater convenience and more up-to-date information. Your institution has new efficiencies and the ability to create significant new revenue streams. You have what it takes to go out and win new customers – and keep them for life. You have what it takes not just to keep up, but to get ahead.


  • User Login – showing successful logins by CIF number.
  • Error Log – showing all login failures by date and CIF number.
  • Administrative Changes – showing what changes were made and by whom
  • User Activity – showing what your customers are doing online
  • Email Change – showing which accounts have attempted to change their e-mail address. If successful, shows the old and new e-mail addresses.
  • Transfers – shows all one time and scheduled transfers that have been created via Insite Online Banking. The “to” and “from” account information, date, amount, and next scheduled transfer date is all provided.

Administration Tools

  • Auto-generate first time on reset login password
  • Enable or disable accounts by CIF and/ or individual accounts
  • Specify number of incorrect login attempts before account is disabled


The Insite Online Banking application solution provides you with peace of mind knowing that your online banking transactions are conducted in a confidential, secure environment. Each login uses their private user ID with an encrypted password only they know. The password database is setup with a “one-way” encryption, so that even bank employees will not have access to user passwords. The Insite Online Banking application solution provides end-to-end encryption from the user’s browser to the transaction server and back.