The Insite iTeller solution provides tellers with an enhanced teller platform combining an advanced bank transaction processing system with extensive reporting capabilities, and convenient access to customer account information.
Other vendors offer solutions that are piecemeal or incomplete. Only ASI offers a multifaceted and robust teller application capable of seamlessly integrating into their current software and hardware environments.
Built to operate within a Windows-based environment, iTeller’s™ controls and onscreen display are instantly familiar to any user with Windows experience. Individual screens organize customer information into distinct sections that are easily navigable by busy tellers, and iTeller’s™ Teller Cash and Teller Proof screens allow maximal transaction capabilities with minimal navigation required.
iTeller’s™ comprehensive controls allow users to navigate and perform tasks using only a keyboard or a combination of keyboard and mouse. With its highly-customizable display settings, iTeller™ can adapt to any user’s control and display preferences, enhancing flexibility and shortening learning curves.
While iTeller™ is compatible with all major banking products, current ASI users will enjoy its complete integration with the Insite Core Banking™ System and the Insite Check Imaging™ System. iTeller users can view check images stored on Insite Check Imaging™ servers, and iTeller check image batches can be maintained within Insite Check Imaging™.

Increase Customer Satisfaction

Empower your tellers and increase customer satisfaction with Insite iTeller, ASI’s bank item processing system. Featuring full integration with the Insite Banking System and Insite Check Imaging systems, iTeller enhances customer satisfaction with shorter lines, more extensive and up-to-date information, and quicker transaction processing time.
The multi-layered functionality of Insite iTeller represents the next evolution in banking. From their windows or stations, tellers now have unparalleled capabilities and real-time access to database and check imaging applications.
iTeller™ provides the tools necessary to function in an increasingly complex and competitive market. With the advent of online banking, customers have unlimited options when selecting a financial institution. However, even in the competitive 21st-century marketplace, the key to success remains the same: providing your customers with great customer service.
With iTeller™, tellers can provide the level of service that creates loyal customers. Tellers can provide instant and accurate information to customers and process their business quickly and accurately. Notes and alerts are automatically displayed when an account is accessed, allowing tellers to quickly locate and resolve customer issues.

Seamless Integration

Because our iTeller bank processing system works with the core Insite Banking System™, tellers can easily view customer balances and histories in checking and savings accounts, CDs, and loans. This enables tellers to better answer customer inquiries in less time. Transactions made at the teller window are instantly available in Insite™ at all branches, as well as in all online ancillary products, including Online Banking, the ATM module, and Telephone Banking. While iTeller is compatible with many other banking products, users of ASI’s Insite
Banking System™ will enjoy complete integration with iTeller and Insite Check Imaging™. iTeller users can view check images stored on Insite Check Imaging™ servers, and check images created in iTeller can be maintained within Insite Check Imaging™.
iTeller also works with many brands of check scanners and banking printers, including the Epson® TM-S9000 printer. This Check 21-ready printer is the only inkjet printer with integrated digital check imaging, making it an ideal partner for iTeller’s scanning and printing options. Additionally, iTeller is configured to work with a signature pad. A signature pad allows your bank to capture a customer’s signature for cash out transactions, store their signature in a virtual ticket, and print the signature on their receipt.

Maximize Investments

Increased capabilities allow your tellers to better utilize existing hardware and software, and with their ability to scan checks immediately upon deposit, your backroom operations will become faster and more efficient.

Enhanced Security Features

In order to protect your bank and customers from money laundering and other illegal financial activity, iTeller™ also includes a Currency Transaction Reporting (CTR) feature. The CTR feature instantly alerts tellers when a customer has exceeded the daily transaction limit, ensuring your financial institution’s protection and compliance with the regulations of the Bank Secrecy Act (BSA), the Financial Crimes Enforcement Network (FinCEN), Anti-Money Laundering (AML) rules, and the Office of Foreign Assets Control (OFAC). These federal entities track potentially suspicious transactions to prevent financial crimes.