Lincoln, Nebraska — March 31, 2014 Automated Systems, Inc., developer of the Insite Banking System™, announced a partnership with Benchmark Technology Group, a leading provider of branch automation solutions for financial institutions. Benchmark Technology Group’s CashWare solution gives Automated Systems’ Insite iTeller™ system the flexibility to work with a host of different cash and coin recyclers. Built to operate within a Windows®-based environment, iTeller’s™ controls and on screen display are instantly familiar to any user with Windows® experience. Individual screens organize customer information into distinct sections that are easily accessed by busy tellers, and iTeller’s™ Teller Cash and Teller Proof screens allow maximum transaction capabilities with minimal navigation required.
“The integration of CashWare with iTeller™ was quick and seamless,” said Bradley R. Perry, President of Automated Systems, Inc., “We are very pleased with this new partnership and are excited to see what the future holds for both iTeller and CashWare.”
Insite iTeller™ provides your tellers with the tools necessary to function in an increasingly complex and competitive market. With the advent of online banking – and even online-only banks – customers now have unlimited options when it comes to selecting a financial institution. For 21st-century banks, the key to surviving and even thriving in such an environment remains the same: great customer service. With Insite iTeller™, your tellers can provide your customers the kind of service that turns a standard customer into a loyal customer. Insite iTeller™ allows users to provide instant and accurate information to their customers, and allows tellers to better determine which services and products a customer is most likely to want. Important information, including alerts, automatically display as account information is entered, allowing users to quickly locate and resolve customer questions and issues.
“We were delighted to work closely with ASI in integrating CashWare and iTeller™.” said Rod Higbee, Vice President of Sales for Benchmark Technology Group, “We look forward to a long term partnership with an organization that shares our customer centric focus.”
With CashWare, teller transactions are monitored real-time and cash-ins/cash-outs are automatically detected. This time-saving feature prompts tellers to insert the required amount of cash or retrieve the dispensed cash from the appropriate pocket. Additional functionality includes the ability to support any number of tellers, maintain specific totals and audit logs and change denomination mixes, all of which allow for effective and streamlined management of your cash handling requirements and increased efficiency at your teller line.
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Automated Systems, Inc. (ASI) has built strong relationships with community banks since 1981 to create the technological solutions necessary to address community bank management’s needs. ASI develops and supports software to help its customers operate efficiently and effectively. ASI also provides network support and consultative services to enable clients to maximize the latest technologies.
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The Insite Banking System™ is a complete in-house or hosted core data processing solution utilizing a 100% Microsoft Windows environment: no Unix, no AS/400 and no mainframe. Automated Systems provides directly integrated solutions: image teller solution, check and document imaging, real-time telephone and real time online banking with remote capture. For more information about hosting from IDS, visit