Automated Systems, Inc. Partners with MX to Integrate Insight and Target Technology

Integration brings cutting edge technology to online banking space

Lincoln, NE — November 13, 2015 — Automated Systems, Inc. (ASI), a leading provider of reliable and innovative native banking products, today announced a new partnership with MX to continue creating increasingly advanced financial technology. Working in tandem with MX, a fintech company that makes it possible for banks and credit unions to win their competitor’s most profitable account holders, ASI has seamlessly integrated MX’s Insight and Target products into their online banking platform. The MX tools allow for prompt analysis of complex banking data and the deployment of adaptive campaigns.
“This partnership with MX is a crucial step for ASI and online banking,” said Tim Schmidt, COO of ASI. “MX’s commitment of continuous momentum and ability to release new functionality quickly and often is the perfect match with ASI’s ability to effectively roll out changes. We look forward to the innovation and progress this integration will bring to online banking.”
This integration of ASI and MX is a valuable asset for financial institutions to ease the obstacle of understanding user data, usually a typically cumbersome and complex endeavor, MX Insight eases this process by analyzing competitor information, providing readable charts and enabling smart marketing plans. In addition, MX Target takes it a step further by segmenting users, deploying segment-specific offers, and tracking progress in real time. These tools allow bankers to more easily manage large amounts of customer data.
“Our partnership with ASI is a testament to our shared mission to enable our financial institution partners to truly become advocates for their customers in their journey to financial strength,” said Ryan Caldwell, Founder and CEO of MX. “This integration increases our ability and effectiveness to provide ASI’s institution partners with the resources they need for cross-selling and targeting marketing initiatives.”
ASI’s implementation of MX tools makes them the first to fully integrate Insight and Target into their online banking platform. This partnership opens the door for additional banks to use MX tools to benefit customers.
“Converse County Bank has been very excited to see the integration of MX and ASI in our online banking platform,” said Mark Rinn, senior vice president of operations at Converse County Bank. “Through this partnership, we have been able to offer our customers a unique money management experience all while being able to inform and market products and services that we have to offer.”
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About Automated Systems, Inc.

Automated Systems, Inc. (ASI) has built strong relationships with community banks since 1981 to create the technological solutions necessary to address community bank management’s needs. ASI develops and supports software to help its customers operate efficiently and effectively. ASI also provides network support and consultative services to enable clients to maximize the latest technologies.
ASI corporate headquarters are at 1201 Libra Drive, Lincoln, Nebraska 68512, 402.420.6000 or 800.279.7312. For more information about the banking solutions from ASI, visit

About MX

MX enables banks and credit unions to achieve record breaking growth by winning their competitor’s most profitable account holders. As one of the fastest-growing fintech providers, MX drives customer-centric banking relationships by gathering and providing data upon which online and mobile banking partners and financial institutions can create and deliver next generation banking applications and solutions.
Founded in 2010, MX delivers data aggregation, data cleansing, auto-categorization, classification, money management, custom API, data analytics, marketing, UI and more. In addition, MX offers an extensive array of client services, ranging from training to custom marketing services. MX currently partners with more than 550 financial institutions and more than 30 digital, online and mobile banking providers — designating MX as a proven powerhouse in the fintech space.

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