Lincoln, Nebraska – June 05, 2006 Automated Systems, Inc. (ASI), a leader in providing core banking software and advanced imaging solutions to community banks, announced today the release of MultiKey, a multifactor authentication technology designed to work with the Insite Internet Banking™ and Insite Cash Management™ products. The MultiKey feature provides bank management with an option to enhance the customer authentication process and keep pace with the Federal Financial Institutions Examination Council’s (FFIEC’s) call for more stringent measures to safeguard customer data privacy. The user-friendly MultiKey is designed to broaden the authentication process in a manner that nullifies many common identity theft practices, while not encumbering the customer’s online experience.
The MultiKey enhances the authentication process by identifying the device used to access the bank’s website, requiring non-keyed authentication, and restricting failed attempt feedback.
Trusted vs. Public Access
The MultiKey includes the ability to determine the origin of website access, which allows the user to designate “trusted computer” such as a home computer, which provides a more streamlined authentication process, versus “public computer” such as a work computer or laptop, which requires an additional verification step of correctly answering a user challenge question. The addition of a user challenge – an answer to a predetermined question chosen by the user (i.e. Name your favorite movie) – exponentially increases the degree of difficulty to successfully complete the authentication process.
Non-Keyed Authentication Requirement
The MultiKey authentication process includes a requirement for the customer to select a predetermined, easily identifiable image (this process can be altered for visually impaired customers). The user is provided with ten categories of images to select that will be displayed during the authorization process. The option for multiple image categories helps to mitigate schemes that attempt to pose as the bank’s website to gather customer information. Customers are prompted to contact a bank representative if his/her predefined images are not displayed during the log-in process. The image selection requirement also nullifies keystroke logging schemes and complicates phishing attempts as no feedback is provided with regard to whether the correct image was selected.
Failed Authentication Information
The MultiKey is designed to assist customers during the log-in process and to frustrate unauthorized access attempts. The three-layer authentication process – when initiated from a public site – discourages unauthorized access by misdirecting an individual that fails to use correct responses. An authorized user that exceeds the bank-defined limit for attempted responses is provided with the necessary assistance to resolve the authentication issue.
Automated Systems, Inc. Operations Manager, Brad Perry, commenting on the MultiKey feature, “The MultiKey feature provides bank management with additional flexibility to manage their customers’ online experience and access to data. The MultiKey authentication process is simple for authorized users and frustrates unauthorized access, which are key qualities for any online offering.”
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