Conversion Data Auditor

Conversion Data Auditor

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The purpose of this position is to provide auditing of all bank data during the conversion process from another vendor into our system, in an accurate and efficient manner.  This includes, but is not limited to examining bank data through comparing written code sheets to the actual converted data, verifying sample accounts, verifying totals, verifying setup of parameters compared to prior bank setup, running test updates, writing of detailed test plans all to ensure quality assurance for each conversion.  The employee will work with the programming manager, conversion leaders, and conversion manager to prioritize tasks and ensure that projects are completed accurately and in a timely manner.  This job requires a general understanding of banking, accounting, auditing experience and attention to detail is a must.

Essential Duties and Responsibilities:

  • Provide high quality auditing on the conversion data.
  • Verify all conversion data against code sheets.
  • Verify programmers coding in data junction software to code sheets.
  • Verify all parameters in Insite software are setup properly with relation to banks old parameters and disclosures.
  • Verify totals, sample accounts on trial balances and from bank, run test updates, run test ATM – ach – cash letter routines etc.
  • Responsible for reporting results, following escalation process, and dispatching issues to the proper channels.
  • Handle problem recognition, research, isolation, and resolution, follow-up for each conversion problems with the data, escalating more complex problems through conversion leader & conversion manager.
  • Track, follow-up and communicate to appropriate parties regarding ongoing issues resolution and statuses for conversion issues.
  • Understand ASI’s Insite Banking software and ancillary products.
  • Meet or exceed performance goals as established by management.
  • Work on projects as assigned.


  • A Bachelor’s in Business, Accounting, Finance or Economics is preferred.
  • Minimum two years auditing experience is preferred.
  • A candidate with banking experience is preferred.
  • The candidate must possess excellent research abilities, problem solving skills, attention to detail and communication skills.
  • The candidate must be proficient in Excel
  • Ability to read, analyzes, and interpret reports.
  • Ability to apply basic mathematical concepts such as adding subtracting multiplying and dividing.
  • Ability to define problems, collects data, establish facts, and draw valid conclusions.

Salary:  Depending on Experience and Education

Status:  Hourly Non Exempt

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