Lincoln, Nebraska – October 24, 2013 Today Automated Systems, Inc. (ASI), a leader in providing core banking software solutions for community banks, announced that its Insite iTeller™, an easy-to-use image teller solution, is compatible with Burroughs SmartSource Elite and ReceiptNOW Elite teller printer.
Burroughs, a leading provider of technology services and payment-related products, provided ASI the SmartSource Elite scanner because of its unique size, speed and combined with the ReceiptNOW Elite’ ability to “stack” the units together or separate.
Based on the successful SmartSource Series check-imaging platform, the SmartSource Elite Adaptive incorporates many of the proven features first introduced on the Professional and Expert series models. Standard functionality includes a unique track design, 155 document per minute speed and unmatched endorsement/printing capabilities. And the ReceiptNOW Elite printer is completely customizable for the ASI Insite iTeller™ customer.
Featuring full integration with the Insite Banking System™ and Insite Check Imaging™ systems, Insite iTeller™ enhances customer satisfaction with shorter lines, more extensive and up-to-date information, and quicker transaction processing time. Increased capabilities allow tellers to use existing hardware and software to scan checks immediately upon deposit causing backroom operations to become faster and more efficient. In addition, tellers can perform a number of functions, such as scanning checks and ID cards, creating virtual transaction tickets and printing of receipts, all from their workstations.
“We are pleased to be able to certify the Burroughs’s scanners for use with our Insite iTeller™ solution. Our goal is to provide each community bank with the solutions that best fit their individual needs. This is another example of how Automated Systems is working with leading manufactures to provide a unique teller solution that combines a fully customizable platform for the teller experience with image capture and receipt printing in a single, complete solution – thus, creating improved efficiencies and productivity while lowering expenses for the bank,” said Bradley R. Perry, President, at Automated Systems, Inc.
Alan Howard, CEO and President of Burroughs, Inc. states, “Our company is fully committed to providing technically innovative products that ensure clients are able to meet current and future processing needs. Automated Systems Inc. is the type of partner we seek to incorporate our latest innovations.”
About Automated Systems, Inc.
Automated Systems, Inc. (ASI) has built strong relationships with community banks since 1981 to create the technological solutions necessary to address community bank management’s needs. ASI develops and supports software to help its customers operate efficiently and effectively. ASI also provides network support and consultative services to enable clients to maximize the latest technologies.
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About Insite Data Services™
The Insite Banking System™ is a complete in-house or hosted core data processing solution utilizing a 100% Microsoft Windows environment: no Unix, no AS/400 and no mainframe. Automated Systems provides directly integrated solutions: image teller solution, check and document imaging, real-time telephone and real time online banking with remote capture. For more information about hosting from IDS, visit