Run an entire meeting from your iPad. iDirector improves board communications and effectiveness while minimizing the time and expense involved in preparing for meetings.
As a feature of the iPortal system, iDirector provides directors with secure access to board materials, reports, and other confidential information from the convenience of their homes or offices. Documents reside on the secure server rather than on a file-sharing cloud, eliminating the threat of sensitive materials falling into the wrong hands. Only authorized meeting attendees have access to meeting packets. Updates are sent to director’s iPads the minute they become available.
Meetings are easily set up and managed through the secure administrator interface. Compiling meeting packets becomes much easier and less expensive with our paperless management system. Pull reports and documents right into your electronic meeting packet. Easily keep track of attendees, comments and votes. Mirror Mode keeps your live meetings on task by letting the administrator focus attendees’ screens while still allowing each board member to view their own personal notes.