iDeposit is an add-on module designed to assist with the process of opening new bank accounts. The functionality is embedded within ASI’s Insite Banking System and allows the generation of new account documents and disclosures required by the financial institutions. iDeposit integrates with CSi’s IntelleDoc Solutions to provide a real-time, seamless document creation solution.

Seamless Document Creation

The Insite Banking System from Automated Systems, Inc. collects account-specific information and then sends it to CSi. Then, IntelleDoc populates the required forms and sends the completed documents and disclosures back to the Insite Banking System, provided ready-to-sign documents and disclosures.
iDeposit™ includes the ability to:
  • Pre-populate disclosure information based upon new account fields
  • Customize forms per account type
  • Insert custom created bank forms
  • Preview documents before printing
With the addition of the iDeposit™ module, several updates are made to the Insite Core™ interface. These changes include:
  • Available Ownerships and Relationships are based on State of the Financial Institution
  • iDeposit Options are added to Bank Housekeeping, Bank Header Maintenance
  • New fields are added to Account File Maintenance
Documents automatically available through iDeposit are:
  • Truth in Savings
  • Electronic Fund Transfer
  • Funds Availability Policy
  • Privacy Notice
  • Signature Card
  • Account Agreement
  • Account Modification
  • Certificate of Deposit
  • Trust Separate Agreement
  • Resolution
  • TFA Plan Agreement
  • TFA Plan Account Maintenance
  • TFA Plan Contribution
  • TFA Plan Distribution
  • TFA Plan Financial Disclosure Statement