The Insite Banking System™ platform is a Windows® based community core banking system that Automated Systems developed to address the unique software needs that community banks have in remaining both competitive and compliant in today’s challenging financial services marketplace.
Utilizing an intuitive and user-centric design, the Insite Core technology solution provides access to a wide array of integrated and ancillary application solutions through an easy to use interface. Our modular design allows us to quickly update individual products in response to rapidly shifting technological, regulatory, and consumer environments.
Insite maximizes the display real estate across any resolution or aspect ratios, allowing individuals to efficiently access data. Users can zoom or stretch-to-fit panels with a touch of the screen or click of the mouse, allowing for immediate access to additional information. Using a tile-based menu system, the user is able to launch external applications and pass parameters from one to another quickly.
Our banking system solution delivers the most cost-effective, user-friendly application available, allowing community banks to provide improved customer service through merging common-sense applications with thoughtful technical innovation.

Integrated Products

All of these Windows® based module solutions are included in the Insite Banking System core software platform. Technology integrated seamlessly, provides ease of operation, quick access to critical information, management flexibility, reliability, and cost effectiveness application options for community banks. Click on the appropriate button below to learn more about how each featured module within Insite Core can assist you with your core banking system needs.
The Insite Banking System Central Information File (CIF) module provides the foundation for all of the application processing modules. This module maintains a central file on all accounts within the system. This allows easy access to information concerning each customer’s total relationships with the bank – through the CIF inquiry feature, which summarizes all accounts linked to each individual customer.
  • Ability to tie an unlimited number of accounts to an individual customer CIF profile.
  • Detailed inquiries can be selected for any account listed on the CIF profile window.
  • Simplified CIF lookup methods – just enter at least the first letter of the customer’s name or the actual CIF number.
  • Provides current information on DDA accounts, Savings accounts, Time Deposits and Loan accounts.
The certificate of deposit module provides you with a flexible method of accounting for all the various types of time deposits, retirement funds, and variable rate accounts.
  • Handles multiple CD types, including IRA’s (Roth, Educational, Medical Savings, Roth Conversion).
  • Processes variable rate CD’s.
  • Performs simple, periodic or daily compounding.
  • Pays monthly, quarterly, semiannually or at maturity interest payments.
  • Tracks CD terms in days or months.
  • Allows interest payments by check, compounding or deposit-to-another-account methods.
  • Offers CD calculator with penalty computation.
  • Ability to cash certificates (real-time) on-screen which automatically calculates penalty and accrued interest.
  • Provides compound, maturity or deposit-to-another-account notices.
  • Performs automatic rate change by types.
  • Produce electronic filing data to IRS for tax reporting.
  • Does full accrual accounting.
  • Performs automatic rate change by types.
  • Prints interest checks and notices.
Demand Deposit Accounting Handles regular DDA, NOW, Super NOW, Money Fund accounts, Ready Reserve, and Overdraft protection. There are a variety of features you can implement for your customers with cash reserve accounts or Ready Reserve and fund sweeps that automatically transfer funds, eliminating tedious manual work.
  • Provides current balances, available, or memo (real-time for each individual account.
  • Performs stop payments and deposit holds.
  • Automatically cycles statements and ability to print interim snapshot statements.
  • Offers uni-statement option by customer: i.e., ability to show savings, CD’s and loans on DDA statement.
  • Flexible interest payment methods.
  • Flexibility of service charges by cycle and customer type based on the selected specifications.
  • Tiered balance service charging.
  • Support for check-image capture products and image statements.
  • Gives profitability information by account (as a by-product of end of cycle processing).
  • Allows automatic transfers to and from savings.
  • Allows automatic loans to cover overdrafts.
  • Performs float control and analysis.
  • Allows unlimited exception reporting through the Report Writer.
  • Provides choice of statement formats.
  • Handles sweep accounts.
  • Integrated Document imaging for signature cards, financial statements and the like.
The Direct Exception Processing (DEP) module provides the end-user with the ability to manage the stop pays and NSF items presented for payment with little effort. This module creates an item specific notice based on the one-digit transaction code you enter in a fast-entry edit screen or an account details screen (based on user preference).
These notices list items being paid and associated charges and/or items being returned with associated charges. Service charges will be posted when decisions are made in the DEP module input screens. Service charges can be assessed manually or automatically based on your preference. The DEP module also creates a charge-back cash letter report to each G/L clearing account (i.e. Federal Reserve, etc.) and creates charge-back notices to send to on-us customers notifying them of the Debit to their account for the returned check. This module will create the following reports for NSF (and OD Accounts if specified)
  • NSF Disregarded Items Report
  • NSF Items Being Returned Report
  • NSF Non-posted Items Being Paid Report
  • NSF Totals Report
  • Charge Back Items Journal
  • Cash Letter Report for Returns routed to Clearing Center
  • Charge-Back Notices for On-us Customers
The following reports will be created for the Suspect Stop Pays presented:
  • Stop Pay Items to Be Paid or Returned Report
  • Suspect Stop Pay Totals Report
The DEP module features an option to separate transaction items by branch if so desired. There are also options for including stop payment items in the DEP module or to process them in a separate utility. Other user-preferences include: Displaying all items presented for payment on the NSF account; Displaying only NSF items exceeding OD Limit placed on account; or Displaying all NSF items, including both within and in excess of OD limit. Processing these NSF and/or Stop Payment transactions is efficient with single-entry transaction codes to determine the action taken on the transaction item.
Each item is listed with a transaction description if applicable (ACH, Descriptive, Suspect Stop Pay, Returned Stop Pay). You can process these transactions in the Fast Entry screen, which is a snapshot of the transactions or in the detailed Action Code Entry option that displays account information such as OD Limits, OD history, Memo Balance, Available Balance, and other pertinent customer information. You also have the ability to override the service charge default to augment calculated service charges.
The General Ledger Accounting module combines all of the sound financial principles you are accustomed to with the efficiency and speed of computer technology to quickly and accurately perform General Ledger transactions.
  • Provides multiple department or branch financial reporting and consolidated reporting.
  • Interfaces with all modules in the Insite Banking System.
  • Reports budget by month, with comparison reporting to current or prior year actual.
  • Reports comparison variance by percentage or by dollar on demand.
  • Prints daily statements, Profit and Loss statements.
  • Flexible exception reporting capability.
  • Handles recurring transactions automatically.
  • Creates daily statements, Profit and Loss and Balance Sheet Reports.
Daily accrual, accretion and amortization which are automatically calculated and interfaced to general ledger with each daily update. Transactions are directly entered into proof for payments of principle, interest, purchases, etc. Reports included:
  • Accretion/Amortization
  • Accrued Interest
  • Call Date
  • Closed Account History
  • Interest Rate Analysis by Maturity
  • Market Value
  • Maturity
  • Monthly Interest
  • Pledged Report
  • Type Report
Ability to track history and transactions for Individual Retirement Accounts, Roth, Roth Conversions, Medical Savings Accounts, Educational IRA’s, Keoughs, SEPs, and more!
  • Allows multiple retirement accounts for one individual.
  • Automatic interfacing with the Certificate of Deposit Module which alleviates having to reenter transactions.
  • Complies with Federal Guidelines in providing electronic filing medium at the End of Year and on April 15th.
  • Creates customer contribution and distribution statements along with a 5498 statement for April 15th processing.
  • Account balance verification makes it easy to track incorrect postings and various distribution/ contribution types.
The Insite Banking loan modules efficiently handles Installment, Commercial, Student, Real Estate, Home Equity and Participation Loans.
  • Works with master note and individual note concept.
  • Includes multiple repayment plans: single payment, full payment, scheduled principle and/or interest, amortized.
  • Allows multiple interest methods.
  • Performs insurance premium tracking for rebating.
  • Handles variable rate loans and payment recalculating.
  • Stores Collateral Information in each loan record.
  • Provides delinquency tracking: late charges, notices, and aged delinquencies.
  • Creates payment, maturity and past due notices.
  • Prints amortization schedule in Loan Calculator.
  • Handles multiple interest methods in Loan Calculator.
  • Creates Loan History Ledgers for any period.
  • Performs full accrual accounting.
  • Provides flexible management/exception reporting.
  • Handles loan advances to cover overdrafts.
  • Loan tickler tracking.
  • Loans notepad tied to individual loans or customers.
  • Ability to payoff loan with single transaction code even with insurance rebates, late charges, and escrow balances.
Graphical reports that assess asset/liability cash flows, income, budgets and previous years general ledger history. Perform “what-if” calculations in order to “model” or tailor new products to current competition or products. Uses ODBC compliant drivers to provide immediate on-line and month-to-month reporting
An easy-to-use system that provides prompts right on the screen, Report Writer offers 132 column formatting and flexible field selection to put you in control when it comes to creating the reports you want.
  • Saves report definitions for future use.
  • Prints reports or displays them on screen.
  • Allows multiple-heading lines on each report.
  • Permits display of headings and print masks on the screen while creating or modifying report.
  • Allows up to four sort keys on each report, ascending or descending with ranges and subtotals.
  • Performs calculations on selected fields: adds, subtracts, multiplies, divides.
  • Capability of prompting user with report query inquiry so the report doesn’t have to be edited each time it is printed.
The Insite Banking System application provides you the ability to access your databases through almost any SQL-compatible spreadsheet or database program. The user is able to bring current data directly into their spreadsheets whenever they want!
The Windows-standard interface mechanism gives users what they want – the keys to their own information vehicle. The ODBC Driver comes with a utility that reads the information from your data files and builds runtime SQL access structures. Insite Banking System is compatible with all ODBC standards.
  • Allows use of Total Bank information in Marketing for your bank.
  • Allows queries into any field within the Bank System.
  • Allows the Creation of special Executive Reports, including charts and graphs.
  • Allows any ODBC compliant software, i.e.: Microsoft Access, SQL, to read
  • Insite Banking files with proper security.
  • Operates like a multi-pocket proof machine.
  • Eliminates the need for proof machines in lower volume institutions.
  • Interfaces with multi-pocket, data capture proof machines and intelligent reader/sorters from any vendor.
  • Generates remittance reports, teller cash control, proof master listing and pocket totals.
  • Provides instant account number and name verification for all modules including General Ledger.
  • Eliminates tedious reentering of transactions – all transactions are automatically posted to their respective modules.
  • Updates real-time DDA and Savings balances at the end of each batch.
  • Captures check numbers for printing on DDA statements.
  • Handles recurring transactions automatically.
  • Captures incoming cash letters (via phone line)automatically.
  • Maintains history of box transactions.
  • Ability to automatically debit a customer’s account when the Billing Date is due.
  • Automatically bills, assesses late charges and creates late notices for the customer.
  • Ability to associate different safe deposit box sizes with various fees and discounts.
  • Full featured statement account application
  • Allows ATM and ACH transactions
  • Interfaced input from account processor and deposit pro(this is also applicable for DDA)
  • Branch accounting option
  • Maintains multiple cycles of account transaction history
  • Multiple statement format options
  • Pay/No pay interest options on account closing
  • Tiered Interest Rate structure
  • Multiple flexible service charge plans
These also included and available to ensure that our clients have all of the flexibility and functionality expected from a modern and scalable core processing environment, without additional cost or extended development time:
  • ACH Receive
  • ACH Origination
  • ALM
  • ATM Batch
  • ATM On-Line
  • Call Report
  • Cash Letter
  • Credit Bureau Reporting
  • Investment Repricing
  • Investor Sweep
  • IRA Distribution
  • Item Imaging
  • Item Processing & Bulk Filing
  • Laser Checks
  • Loan Processor
  • Loan Participation Management
  • New Accounts
  • Processor Optical Storage
  • Teller

Add On Products

The supplementary, add-on, Windows® based application solutions are designed to eliminate tedious data entry or interfaces to other programs. The add-on products are designed to interface directly with the Insite Banking System with the easy click of a button. The Insite Banking System solutions aid your financial institution’s technology in daily processing and eliminates 3rd party vendors and fees.

Government Loan Accounting

The GLA module was designed to assist bank staff with loan servicing responsibilities associated with government programs offered by entities such as the Federal National Mortgage Association (FNMA) and the Federal Home Loan Bank (FHLB).