Lincoln, Nebraska – June 17, 2008 Automated Systems, Inc. is pleased to introduce iTeller™ as the latest addition to its line of community banking solutions.
iTeller™ offers an easy-to-use system for tellers to conduct their daily business. Tellers can scan checks, create virtual transaction tickets, and print receipts from their workstation. With CAR/LAR technology, which electronically reads checks as they are scanned at the teller station and enters amount and routing information into the appropriate fields in iTeller™, data entry is quicker and more accurate. Because data entry occurs at the teller window, processes that used to require a physical item sent through the back office can now be performed at the teller line, increasing the overall speed of transaction processing and keeping your bank in compliance with Check 21 standards.
Because iTeller™ seamlessly integrates with the core Insite Banking System™, tellers can easily view customer balances and histories in checking and savings accounts, CDs, and loans. This enables tellers to better answer customer inquiries in less time. Transactions made at the teller window are instantly available in Insite™ at all branches, as well as in all online ancillary products, including Online Banking, the ATM module, and Telephone Banking.
Since its debut, iTeller™ has been installed at 15 financial institutions with over 125 workstations, and has received strong reviews. “Our bank installed iTeller at the end of last year,” says Steven Syverson of Odin State Bank in Odin, Minnesota. “Since then, we have received a lot of positive feedback from customers, especially about the receipts they receive when they make a deposit that includes their updated balance. When they show the receipt to others or to their other banks, they can’t believe that our bank has that kind of technology.”
iTeller™ works with many brands of check scanners and banking printers, including the Epson® TM-J9000 printer. This Check 21-ready printer is the only inkjet printer with integrated digital check imaging, making it an ideal partner for iTeller’s™ scanning and printing options.
Rick Kunze, President of State Bank of Table Rock, praised iTeller for helping his bank move toward the goal of a paperless environment. “Insite iTeller™, Insite Document Imaging™, and Insite Check Imaging™ were the best twenty-first century choices for the task. Automated Systems has developed a great selection of products to enable us to go paperless. iTeller™ allows us to eliminate a lot of dual entry and paper handling. You can complete the daily update without having to interrupt teller transactions at the counter. Making corrections and deleting transactions during a customer’s transaction is simple and easy. We find there are a lot less mistakes also, as the checks are read by CAR/LAR software and amounts automatically put into the transaction fields, which eliminates a lot of keying by the teller.”
Kunze adds, “Research for customers is effortless with iTeller™ and Check Imaging™; what used to take hours on microfiche, takes only minutes with our new system. Complete customer information is available at the teller line, which aids us in cross-selling the bank’s other products. As a community banker, I feel iTeller is on the cutting edge of technology, and will allow our bank to better serve our customers and market our products, as well as allow us to compete with large regional banks.”
iTeller™ is also configured to work with the Interlink Electronics ePad-ink signature pad. A signature pad allows your bank to capture a customer’s signature for cash out transactions, store their signature in a virtual ticket, and print the signature on their receipt. The Interlink Electronics signature pad features a bright LCD screen that displays the e-signature and confirmation text, creating an easy to use interactive visual feedback experience for your customers.
In order to protect the bank and customers from money laundering and other illegal financial activity, iTeller™ also includes a Currency Transaction Reporting (CTR) feature. The CTR feature instantly alerts tellers when a customer has exceeded the daily transaction limit, ensuring your financial institution’s protection and compliance with the regulations of the Bank Secrecy Act (BSA), the Financial Crimes Enforcement Network (FinCEN), Anti-Money Laundering (AML) rules, and the Office of Foreign Assets Control (OFAC). These federal entities track potentially suspicious transactions to prevent financial crimes.
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