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Since its inception in April 2016, IDS On-Time (IDSOT) has seen incredible growth. Many years have passed since our initial bank was onboarded, and we now process for 72 banks. We handle increasingly more processing tasks on behalf of our banks, and we have increased staffing levels significantly over the years. These are some of the ways we can quantify IDSOT’s growth. But how were these successful milestones achieved?

We strongly believe that the mindset each teammate holds in their day-to-day work moves us closer to our targeted business goals. The biggest emphasis we place on our team is to adopt, foster, and embrace a “Growth” mindset. This type of mentality is how we synergize our personnel’s work to correspond with the department’s goals. Listed below are various ways one can identify a “Growth” mindset:

  • Embrace Continuous Learning
  • Individual Effort Directly Correlates with Mastery
  • Attack and Overcome Challenges
  • Success of Others Is Inspiration
  • Intelligence Can Improve

The factors listed above show how to develop engaged, productive employees, regardless of their starting point. Empowered employees directly and positively impact overall company success and achievement. How is a “Growth” mindset fostered within a business? One place to begin is to monitor and identify reactions to a variety of situations. Some examples of good “Growth” mindsets include the following scenarios:

  1. When faced with a new task that is difficult, think: “I want to face this challenge because this is going to further develop my critical thinking skills to learn this process.”
  2. If struggling with a concept or task, think: “The fact that I’m struggling with this task shows I am still learning. I just need more time and effort to master this material.”

As summarized by the two examples above, a key takeaway here is to invest in the process; don’t worry about the short-term results. When working with employees, or frankly yourself, reward both the process and the effort. By rewarding both, many different skillsets, along with the persistence to achieve them, are developed. IDSOT has specifically adopted this mindset in many facets of our department. Through our training, we pair a new employee with a veteran employee to facilitate the new employee’s ability to learn and understand the various pieces of the software and processing we complete for banks. IDSOT is also committed to providing continual learning for all employees in our department. Regardless of tenure, each employee still learns various items, tasks, concepts, and ideas to benefit themselves and the company.

This embrace of the “Growth” mindset is what we attribute to the continued success and growth of IDSOT. This is how IDSOT has seen an improvement in efficiency and quality of the services we provide, which ultimately led to our tremendous growth within the last five or so years of the department’s existence. These strategies have allowed IDSOT to identify, attack, and overcome the various challenges and changes that come up when operating within a high growth area.

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