Staff Photos

The Importance of Company Photos

The internet is an amazing tool that helps us connect with people across the world. As our dependency grows in using that tool, it’s easy to get lost in anonymous interactions with others. How do you create a better, more personalized connection with your customers? On way is to put a face to a name. Providing pictures of your [...]

The Human Aspect of Ransomware

You may have read or heard about cities in Florida and Baltimore being hit with ransomware that essentially stopped them from providing services. Ransomware, a form of malware, is a plague to businesses worldwide. It locks your data away in a secured (Encrypted) format that denies you any way to access or use it. Ransomware can [...]
Company Culture

Company Culture Today

What is “Company Culture” to you?   We define Company Culture as the combination of four different categories: employee appreciation, company outings, office hour events, and communication.  These items are crucial to hiring and retaining members of your team. Finding the right job is similar to going out to a restaurant and ordering a meal.  A [...]

The Edge of Innovation

Innovation has a razor sharp edge.  Customers are more accepting of small improvements, but those only create marginal increases in value. They can go largely unnoticed in the market. Radical innovation makes a big splash, but not every customer wants to get soaked.  It can seem like roulette to pinpoint how far to innovate. Understanding [...]
The Service of Support

The Service of Support

Today, consumers expect more than the delivery of a product from businesses, they expect an experience. An experience that envelops every part of their transaction process, from research, to decision making, to the actual purchase, including every interaction with a member of your staff. We are longer selling products, we are selling a client experience. [...]
Making Digital Banking Personal

How Community Banks Win: Making Digital Personal

Community banks have consistently beat out their competition as a preferred financial institution. So what do these local institutions do that keep them ahead? It all comes down to one word, “Relationships”. They take the time to get to know their customers. Names, birthdays, family, and how, as a bank, they can make a dream [...]
Information Security

Information Security

In today’s digital world, we see a great deal of news focused on cybersecurity, malware, phishing, viruses, and other topics related to online attacks.  There have been many publicized data breaches in the news over the last few years impacting large companies, including: Target, Sony, Equifax, JP Morgan.  You may be thinking, am I safe [...]
ASI Focus

ASI Focus: Helping Banks, Not the Stock Market

In 1981, Automated Systems, Inc. (ASI), created the Insite Core Banking System®. Insite was one of the first, fully featured core banking systems available to community banks. We started with a simple premise, to be loyal to community banks with a focus on staying true to the fundamentally smaller asset sized local banks. This ideal became [...]
Accessibility and Online Banking

Website Accessibility and Online Banking

The new guidelines for accessible websites have been in the works for years now, yet many banks are still being taken by surprise. There has been much speculation about what the standards would include and when exactly website owners would be held responsible. Last year we officially saw the new guidelines come to pass, but [...]
IRS Form 5498


What is it? The IRS form 5498 is a tax form used for reporting contributions to Individual Retirement Accounts (IRA). A standard Form 5498 is designated for traditional IRAs, Simplified Employee Pension (SEP), Savings Incentive Match Plan (SIMPLE), and ROTH IRAs. Health Savings Accounts (HSA) are covered under the Form 5498-SA. What is it used [...]