10 + 1 Ways to Increase Customer Satisfaction in 2020

Promote Security Create a secure banking atmosphere, no matter what channel your customers use for banking. Promote security as a top goal and educate customers on the ways they can enhance their personal security. Choose Intuitive Products Provide banking products that are simple and easy to use. As long as your customers can quickly and [...]

Banking on a Win

Examining what makes a football team successful on a rudimentary level, it is the fact that the team is made up of many players working together to efficiently move the ball. The quarterback passing the ball, the receiver catching, and even the linebackers providing protection are all important pieces to the success of the game. [...]

MacGyver It

We recently had a situation arise where we on-boarded new banks to our software and they were frustrated right out of the gate that we were not servicing them in the way they expected.  We clearly failed in meeting their expectations and the time for damage control was at hand.  Of course, this prompted a [...]
Security Tokens

Security Tokens: Could security tokens be bigger than Bitcoin?

Bitcoin is the world’s most recognizable encrypted, digital cryptocurrency coin; however, Bitcoin is just one of over 4,000 different types.  The top five largest, by market cap, are: Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH), Ripple (XRP), Bitcoin Cash (BCH) and Cardano (ADA). Combined, these five are currently worth $250 Billion USD. Bitcoin makes up over half of [...]
Servers at End of Life – An Opportunity for Growth

Servers at End of Life – An Opportunity for Growth

Microsoft has announced that their Windows Server 2008 End of Life (EOL) is set for early next year (2020) and their Windows Server 2012 is slated for EOL in 2023. End of Life, for Microsoft, means that they will no longer provide any support or updates for these products, putting them at inevitable risk for [...]
Investing in Your Customers

Investing in Your Customers

Technology has revolutionized the way we do just about everything. From smart irrigation systems in agriculture, to self-driving cars, to consumer investment resources, our lives have been impacted. In the not so distant past, an average person hired an account manager to invest their extra income. The knowledge and time commitment needed to successfully manage [...]

Retaining the Next Generation

Numerous news articles have focused on marketing to Generation Y “Millennials”, who now have an age range between 24-41 years old. Now is the time to look to what’s coming next, the Millennial children. Members of Generation Z (or simply “Gen Z”) are beginning to enter adulthood and should be a focal point for banks. [...]
The Small Bank Advantage

The Small Bank Advantage: Staying on Your Tech Toes

Step-Drag, Pivot, Jab, Duck, Pivot, Block… In a boxing match, the boxers constantly move about in offensive and defensive maneuvers. Within these ever-changing movements, one thing remains the same: they stay “on their toes”. Boxers keep weight off the heels of their feet for heightened balance, fluidity, agility, and responsiveness. In the same way, community [...]

Becoming Technologically Compliant

The ADA (Americans with Disabilities Act) began as an initiative to create accessibility in physical spaces for individuals who have a limiting disability. We’ve seen public places transform with additions of ramps, the use of braille, even structuring kiosks to be usable at a lower height for those in wheelchairs. These basic requirements have evolved [...]