Quality Assurance

Impact and Influence of Regression Testing

Within Software Testing, Regression testing is used to ensure previously developed and tested software still operates correctly after changes are applied. Regress is defined as 'to go back' or 'movement to a previous state or condition.' Some of the different types of changes that may require regression testing include bug fixes, enhancements, new features, configuration [...]

Improving Corporate Communication

Communication in the workplace is a necessary function for smooth operations and efficient teamwork. Five methods to enhance overall communication are provided in this article to promote an improved, collaborative environment. Stay on Point Thomas Jefferson once said, "Don't use two words when one will do." He was indicating that adding extra phrasing and fluff [...]

Measure Once, Then Cut?

“Measure twice, cut once.” This age-old English and Russian proverb originated in carpentry and needlework1.  It refers to taking special care in understanding requirements and exercising due diligence in execution of work. This proverb permeates modern business practices, from strategic decision making to the smallest manufacturing processes. Modern software development methodologies, like Waterfall2 and Agile, [...]

Software Testing Automation

Even the very best software developers will invariably make mistakes and code bugs into their software applications. Unless you want your customers to discover those bugs as they are using your product, testing the software before it reaches the end-user is of paramount importance. This task is typically the reason why most software development companies [...]