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We currently stand at a pivotal time in human history, with most of the world at a stand-still and sequestered at home. There are a lot of questions. How many lives will be lost? How long will it last? What are the long term effects? Will my small business survive without income for months on [...]

Asking Questions

Throughout college, I worked a number of different part time jobs.  I had bills to pay and free time outside of school, so it was less of a choice and more of a need. One of those jobs was working at a hardware store. I can’t name them, because I would likely get in trouble [...]

Support that Matters

Picture it, it’s the middle of the workday and you’re on a second cup of coffee. Your computer no longer does what you need it to do. Well, now what? Perhaps you’re lucky and your IT technician is just down the hall. All you need to do is yell for them. Boom, that person can [...]