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Examining what makes a football team successful on a rudimentary level, it is the fact that the team is made up of many players working together to efficiently move the ball. The quarterback passing the ball, the receiver catching, and even the linebackers providing protection are all important pieces to the success of the game. They all play their individual role, but are vital to each other to win the game.

Banking technology is no different. Technology needs to pass information between the core banking product and the optional, tailor-fit products, like document imaging, teller & check processing, and ATM transactions. This negates the need to duplicate or reenter information and is essential for fast, real-time accuracy. Security protocols are also necessary to protect sensitive data. Look for a banking product that provides the following MVPs.

Integration & Customization

The name of the game is teamwork and one of the most essential tools of teamwork is communication. All the players need the ability to listen and absorb information that the coaching staff provides. They also require the ability to hear any last minute changes on the field and the flexibility to modify the play.

The products you use need to be streamlined to allow your staff to access and enter information quickly. A real-time solution is essential for this to work properly, to provide your customers with accurate, up-to-the-minute balances and information. Integrated, native application solutions let you pick and choose the products your customers are increasingly demanding (Mobile Apps, Tablet Apps, Online Banking).


Football fans bring both financial and moral support to their team. Successful banks also prove that a happy customer is the cornerstone to their prosperity. As an important step to bring focus more to your customer, do a little research and find out what your customers want and give it to them.

If your customers want the ability to bank anywhere and anytime, mobile or tablet banking apps or online banking capabilities are essential. Modern customers tend to demand modern conveniences, such as customized financial alerts sent to their phones, real-time account balances, and mobile banking account access, payment, and depositing capabilities.


With the right team dynamic, the quarterback moves the ball much faster and further down the field through the air. In the same way, moving your bulky data and programs to a cloud-based model speeds up many daily processes and makes your bank run much smoother and more efficiently.

Using a cloud-based hosting service, you have the ability to optimize the fault tolerance, security, performance, scalability, recoverability, and portability with a certified, financial industry-compliant hosting center.


In every successful offensive line, there is a guard, tackle and center to make sure the ball gets to the intended receiver without interceptions, fumbles, or tackles. Every previously mentioned technological banking MVP needs tight security protocols. Sensitive customer and bank data must be handled firmly and carefully, with an eye always on preventing theft, corruption and loss.

The provision of multi-layered security protocols for customers accessing their sensitive bank data over the internet, including encryption, multifactor login procedures, and out of band authentication is essential. In addition, backing up your data is required. Storage off-site means that your data is safer with 24/7 security monitoring and disaster recovery programs for your bank.


In football, one of the coach’s jobs is to find out and understand the rules of their league and make sure their players comply. Find a technology provider who makes it their job to follow the ever-changing field of compliance issues. IRS, FDIC, and state banking authorities are just a few of the many organizations with ever-changing rules. Find a company, who stays apprised on changes to IRS reporting requirements, monitors FDIC communications, and visits state banking authority websites to stay on top of any changes.


The coach is there to assist their team learning new plays, practicing, and listening to concerns. Your banking technology needs to come with superior and available, live support. To get the most out of them, they need to be there with training, data conversion, and expertise to answer all of your questions.

This inclusion of support is not only for the installed solution, but also prior to and during the move to it. Educated support personnel teaching you not just how the product works, but how it can work for your bank. Their continued support of daily usage questions, taking feedback requests for future enhancements, and assisting with processes and procedures is vital.

These are not nearly all the MVPs out there, but as the owner of your team, you must find the best-fit MVPs for your bank. Finding a trusted partner, who takes you to the end-zone each and every time with the essential tools for growth and new technology, can lead you to a bright and successful future.

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