Lincoln, Nebraska – June 10, 2010 Automated Systems, Inc. (ASI), is pleased to announce the release of their latest product: Insite iDoc™. This browser based document management product can image and track all bank documentation while its core features help community banks manage portfolio risk.
iDoc™ helps mitigate risk by tracking and reporting on recurring, pending, and missing documents while automating and streamlining technical exception reporting by officer, branch, and document type. iDoc™ allows users to create customized checklists and customer notification letters to streamline the document collection process. Barcode indexing allows financial institutions to efficiently organize any documentation including customer account documents, vendor contracts or human resource documents.
Collin Aldrich, project manager for iDoc™, describes the product as, “A system that will help our community financial institutions address their documentation requirements while utilizing an intuitive and efficient system easily shared over the intranet.”
iDoc™ has many exciting features that can take the worry out of managing documents. The system seamlessly integrates with ASI’s Insite™ core banking system or can be installed as a standalone application. Availability via web browser allows for trouble-free access and distribution of documents.
When it comes to disaster recovery, iDoc™ has this covered with the complete digitization of important bank documents. Also, iDoc™ offers a decrease in stockholder liability with its proactive approach to loan documentation compliance and a decrease in operating expenses by saving time and money on storage, printing, and managing documentation requirements.
About Automated Systems, Inc.
Automated Systems, Inc. (ASI) has built strong relationships with community banks since 1981 to create the technological solutions necessary to address community bank management’s needs. ASI develops and supports software to help its customers operate efficiently and effectively. ASI also provides network support and consultative services to enable clients to maximize the latest technologies.
ASI corporate headquarters are at 1201 Libra Drive, Lincoln, Nebraska 68512, 402.420.6000 or 800.279.7312. For more information about the banking solutions from ASI, visit
About Insite Data Services™
The Insite Banking System™ is a complete in-house or hosted core data processing solution utilizing a 100% Microsoft Windows environment: no Unix, no AS/400 and no mainframe. Automated Systems provides directly integrated solutions: image teller solution, check and document imaging, real-time telephone and real time online banking with remote capture. For more information about hosting from IDS, visit