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Thanks to Banks 2020

As we say goodbye to 2020,  a cringe-worthy, historical year full of darkness and obstacles, we reflect on one of the bright lights that stood out and how this star can continue to lead us confidently into the future. This shining example, to which I am referring, is the community bank. Small banks are normally [...]

Secure Banking, To-Go

Over current years, the epidemic of digital oversharing has grown exponentially. People want to share the good and bad: haircuts, food, selfies, wounds, jobs, kids, heartbreak, and joy. These are just the tip of the iceberg. The majority carry smartphones and are ready to capture every shareable second. Conversely, we are scared to carry our [...]

10 + 1 Ways to Increase Customer Satisfaction in 2020

Promote Security Create a secure banking atmosphere, no matter what channel your customers use for banking. Promote security as a top goal and educate customers on the ways they can enhance their personal security. Choose Intuitive Products Provide banking products that are simple and easy to use. As long as your customers can quickly and [...]

Banking on a Win

Examining what makes a football team successful on a rudimentary level, it is the fact that the team is made up of many players working together to efficiently move the ball. The quarterback passing the ball, the receiver catching, and even the linebackers providing protection are all important pieces to the success of the game. [...]
The Small Bank Advantage

The Small Bank Advantage: Staying on Your Tech Toes

Step-Drag, Pivot, Jab, Duck, Pivot, Block… In a boxing match, the boxers constantly move about in offensive and defensive maneuvers. Within these ever-changing movements, one thing remains the same: they stay “on their toes”. Boxers keep weight off the heels of their feet for heightened balance, fluidity, agility, and responsiveness. In the same way, community [...]