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Information Security

In today’s digital world, we see a great deal of news focused on cybersecurity, malware, phishing, viruses, and other topics related to online attacks.  There have been many publicized data breaches in the news over the last few years impacting large companies, including: Target, Sony, Equifax, JP Morgan.  You may be thinking, am I safe [...]

ASI Focus: Helping Banks, Not the Stock Market

In 1981, Automated Systems, Inc. (ASI), created the Insite Core Banking System®. Insite was one of the first, fully featured core banking systems available to community banks. We started with a simple premise, to be loyal to community banks with a focus on staying true to the fundamentally smaller asset sized local banks. This ideal became [...]

Website Accessibility and Online Banking

The new guidelines for accessible websites have been in the works for years now, yet many banks are still being taken by surprise. There has been much speculation about what the standards would include and when exactly website owners would be held responsible. Last year we officially saw the new guidelines come to pass, but [...]

Front Office vs. Back Office

The terms front office and back office stem from the distinction – customer facing and support.  The front office is typically everything that is customer facing and generating revenue – the revenue or profit centers.  The back office is generally everything that is not customer facing, a cost center or an area of the bank [...]

Pictures Say a Thousand Words, What About Videos?

If a picture says a thousand words, think of the volumes a video speaks. Video has made a huge impact on the advertising world since the first video commercial in 1941. With the introduction of cell phones, advertising is now sent straight to viewers' eyes. In the new instant advertising world, how does video stack [...]

What to Expect: Advertising in 2019

Website A great website may be your most important advertising tool in 2019! Not only can it pave the way for potential customers to learn about the products and services you have to offer, it can also create the perfect first impression. Good first impressions are an essential element to attracting new customers. Imagine entering [...]

Sponsor Connection 2019 Today

Each October, Automated Systems, Inc. hosts a conference for users of the Insite Banking System. The conference draws 150+ banking representatives from over 75 community banks in the Midwest and across the nation.  During the conference, sponsors can participate and communicate face-to-face with community bankers. We offer 4 different levels of sponsorship, ranging from Silver [...]

Top 6 Tips for Creating an Effective Website

There is a lot of competition between community banks and larger, national banks. The larger banks may offer products and services that community banks do not, or they may have more convenient locations. Your website should give them information about why you're the best choice. Below are several ways to make your community banking website [...]

Suspicious Packages

Within the last decade, there has been an uptick of incidents where police are called to evaluate a “suspicious package”. Inevitably, the bomb squad is called in and at times the item is destroyed or blown up in a controlled manner to neutralize the threat. No chances are taken and safety is not compromised on [...]

13 Sponsors Announced for the Insite Annual Conference: Connection 2018

Automated Systems, Inc. (ASI) is excited to announce the sponsors for the Insite Annual Conference: Connection 2018. Connection 2018 will be held October 9-11 at the Embassy Suites in downtown Lincoln, NE.  This year ASI will be celebrating its 31st Insite Annual Conference.  The three-day conference provides informative, community banking-specific topics for financial institutions using [...]