Lincoln, Nebraska – April 23, 2009 Automated Systems, Inc. (ASI), announces the completion of phase one of moving all company servers to a virtual server environment using VMware. This includes production, development, testing and administrative servers. Bradley Perry, VP of Operations said, “This is just beginning of our virtual server initiatives. The benefits we have seen since converting our existing server environment to a virtual server makes us believers of this technology.”
VMware is a virtual datacenter operating system that unifies discrete hardware resources to create a shared dynamic platform, while delivering built–in availability, security and scalability to applications.
ASI implemented virtual serves due to concerns regarding the current number of servers and aging equipment. ASI was convinced that it was a cost effective technology that would require less IT maintenance expense over time. The company would be facing a large number of hardware upgrades in the next six to twelve months. However, by moving to a virtual server datacenter, they will have a standard hardware infrastructure in place for immediate needs plus future expansion. New servers, even for temporary testing purposes, can be created in minutes without purchasing new hardware.
ASI deployed an HP BladeSystem server to run its VMware virtualization software and utilized the miSAN R Series multi-purpose solution for NAS and the miSAN D Series for SAN storage. ASI has recently been required to convert large check imaging and document imaging databases from its new customer base. The Cybernetics storage provided more than the required performance and availability to complete these conversions. ASI immediately saw the benefits to implementing a virtual datacenter.
“Cybernetics is thrilled to be working with one of its Certified Partners on its virtualization initiative,” said Kevin M. Mingee, Cybernetics Channel Sales Engineer. “The miSAN’s certification on VMware helped to ensure ASI’s successful completion of phase one of the project.”
Many of ASI’s customers were requesting information about implementing a virtual server environment with the ASI Insite Banking System™ Applications in their data centers. ASI is currently certifying its Insite applications to run on VMware in a virtual server environment. These applications include: Insite Core Banking System™, Insite Check Imaging™, Insite Document Imaging™, Insite iTeller™, Insite Online Banking™, Insite Business Banking™, Insite Telephone Banking™, and Insite iPortal™.
Using a virtual datacenter has been beneficial to the company in many ways, including:
  • Decreases in energy consumption and costs
  • Less need for physical space
  • Reduction in hardware maintenance
This upgrade will minimize the impact on applications when upgrades or configuration changes are needed and will give the ability to develop a standard virtual server that can be easily created, resulting in faster server deployment. Upgrading to the new system has simplified the backup, maintenance, and configuration processes.
About Automated Systems, Inc.
Automated Systems, Inc. (ASI) has built strong relationships with community banks since 1981 to create the technological solutions necessary to address community bank management’s needs. ASI develops and supports software to help its customers operate efficiently and effectively. ASI also provides network support and consultative services to enable clients to maximize the latest technologies.
ASI corporate headquarters are at 1201 Libra Drive, Lincoln, Nebraska 68512, 402.420.6000 or 800.279.7312. For more information about the banking solutions from ASI, visit
About Insite Data Services™
The Insite Banking System™ is a complete in-house or hosted core data processing solution utilizing a 100% Microsoft Windows environment: no Unix, no AS/400 and no mainframe. Automated Systems provides directly integrated solutions: image teller solution, check and document imaging, real-time telephone and real time online banking with remote capture. For more information about hosting from IDS, visit