Lincoln, Nebraska – March 5, 1999 Automated Systems, Inc. of 4827 Pioneers Blvd, Lincoln, announced today that the State of Nebraska Property Tax Division has awarded a Services Contract Award (SCA-0126) to Automated Systems to supply and deliver a Property Tax Administrative/Computer Assisted Mass Appraisal (PTAS/CAMA) System for the time period March 3, 1999 through July 31, 2000. The contract may be renewed annually by agreement between both parties. This contract award is the result of a Request For Proposal or RFP process that solicited proposals from across the country. Automated Systems was chosen from five vendors who submitted proposals.
Automated Systems has developed and markets TerraScan, a 32-bit, ODBC, SQL compliant Assessment Administration and Computer Assisted Mass Appraisal application that runs on Windows NT 4.0 Terminal Server Edition. This application is completely integrated through all modules and allows county assessment officials to appraise real estate using all standard appraisal approaches to value; calculate and apply levies or tax rates; value personal property; generate tax statements; and print all reports required of assessment jurisdictions. Additionally, the company offers a tax collection and distribution system that also integrates with the assessment and appraisal modules. This allows for complete automation of the property tax system from the original estimate of value, through the distribution of tax receipts to the various taxing entities.
TerraScan is currently installed in over thirty counties in four states, and will be implemented in Nebraska counties where the local County Board has voted to turn the county assessment function over to the State Property Tax Division. Currently those counties include Saunders, Dodge, Keith, Dakota, Sherman, Harlan, and Garfield. Test data conversions are beginning now, and all installation, training and data conversion will be completed by August. TerraScan will help the Property Tax Division increase the efficiency of the property tax system and reduce property tax administration costs.
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