10 + 1 C’s of Social Media Usage

Social Media can be exhausting and time-consuming if you aren’t sure what to do. There are a lot of things that go in to setting up, planning, and following through with your social media strategies. You want to keep your accounts fun and community-focused while also keeping it informative. That is why we have put together a list of our Top C’s when it comes to social media usage!

Before setting up any social media accounts, meet with your bank’s compliance officer, and become apprised of any risks. Make sure there is a solidly founded policy in place for who can post and what can be posted.
Once started, dedicate some real-time and energy to the channel. Followers are not garnered and maintained overnight, and it can be a lengthy process to bring them in and keep them. Only choose the social media channel(s) that you can thoroughly commit to, quality overwhelmingly trumps quantity.
Using social media is an extension of your brand and marketing image. Strive for a consistent message across all channels.
Provide access to your products, website, and contact information – don’t make your page a dead end, give an all in one place to easily click to your external sites.
Promote community events and engage with the community – this is your opportunity to become the “town crier” and the hub of your community’s calendar.
Look for things going viral and coordinate your post to match the trend. In essence, past banks have completed the ice bucket challenge attired with bank-branded shirts and entertained the selfie craze for current promotions by asking customers to take a picture with their piggy banks.
Create an open dialog with customers: provide informative posts, respond to complaints, and be available for direct questions.
Keep content current and respond quickly to inquiries. If it takes you weeks or even multiple days to respond to requests and questions, your followers will believe your page to be deserted and move on.
Give expert advice that others cannot provide. You are the expert for your bank, give the great knowledge that your followers expect from you.
Look for informative posts that are also funny/clever and avoid providing too much information for the channel (140 characters is optimum for Twitter and only 40 for Facebook), to prevent glazed eyes swiftly going past your posts.
Make sure your posts do not sound robotic; the last thing your followers want to read are automated and generic responses. Accurately, answer each inquiry with a personalized response and let them know you are a real person on the other end.

Social Media in this day and age is crucial to not only keeping your current customers but also attracting new clients. It can be a platform where you can show how you are invested in your community, appreciate your customers, and allows you to advertise to attract new customers. You can view our Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn social media accounts for a few examples.

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