Each October, Automated Systems hosts a conference for its users of the Insite Banking System software. The conference draws in approximately 120 representatives from over 80 community banks from the Midwest and across the nation. At this conference sponsors can participate by placing themselves in from of community bankers be exhibiting at our networking reception.

By becoming a sponsor of the Insite Annual Conference, you can be assured that Automated Systems will make every effort to guarantee your company will have its name, its support for, and its commitment to the important educational and networking efforts always on display.

Automated Systems knows that importance of sponsorship and gives a full range of achknowledgements, as well as giving the conference spnsors an opportunity to communictate and interact directly with community bankers. All acknowledgements are in both the preliminary and final conference program, in the weekly newsletter, on our website, and at the conference itself.


Here you will find our sponsorship form. To ensure that you and your organization get the most out of your experience in sponsoring the conference, please click the button below and submit the form before June 30, 2017.


Thank you to all of the sponsors for helping to make the Insite Annual Conference a success!

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