Meet the Team – Ellen Wilson

Meet the Team – Ellen Wilson

Ellen is a Client Support Analyst II.  See what we learned about her!
Favorite color:  Gray
Favorite genre of movie:  Documentaries about people competing in obscure competitions (ballroom dancing, chess, spelling bees, etc.)
Favorite food:  Anything my husband makes
Hidden Talent:  I can pick up bugs and spiders that scare Jenny (co-worker) and relocate them outside.
Hobbies:  I volunteer with Raptor Rescue and pick up downed birds of prey. It’s pretty cool.
Place she has never been but wants to go:  Copenhagen, Denmark. It’s supposed to be beautiful and my grandpa says that no one looks at you sideways if you start drinking before noon.
One animal she could be:  An English Staffordshire terrier. They’re tenacious, loyal and more than a bit goofy.
Who would you most like to swap places with for a day: Richard Simmons, just so I could figure out if he’s doing ok.
Favorite Superhero: Beta Ray Bill. Or Talisman from the Alpha Flight comics.
What she likes about ASI:  My coworkers! It wouldn’t be any fun if I couldn’t go to work and tease people.
About Automated Systems, Inc.
Since 1981, Automated Systems, Inc. has been a leader in providing innovative core banking, digital banking, and data processing solutions to community banks nationwide.  An array of integrated applications provide partnered banks with tailored, cost-effective, competitive choices.  ASI delivers industry-leading technology backed by unparalleled in-house conversion, training and support teams; paving the way for progressive, top-notch customer service.  ASI corporate headquarters are located at 1201 Libra Drive, Lincoln, NE 68512, 1.800.279.7312.  For more information about banking solutions from ASI, visit .
About Insite Data Services
IDS data application hosting services combines secure and cost-effective core banking applications, enterprise-class servers and storage, and proven virtualization technology.  IDS hosts all of the bank’s servers in secure data centers that use state of the art security systems including identity verification and biometric scanning.  Insite Data Services also offers IDS On-Time, a full-service solution dedicated to back-office bank processing.  These operations experts allow partnered banks to focus on their most important asset, their customers.  For more information visit

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