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Insite iGoPortal

The Insite iGoPortal application uses the efficient reporting tools from iPortal and lets users take them anywhere.  Data is never saved or hosted on the device.  iGoPortal uses a secure network with login credentials to authenticate the users data.

iGoPortal allows users to view required and favorite reports that have been saved to the core, along with any required reports that have been assigned to bank employees.  Users can click on any report to get a more detailed view, including a zoom tool for a closer review of the data.  Employees also have the option to sign required reports on the go.  While on the go, bank associates can use secure messaging through Insite to communicate with others inside the iGoPortal application.

View interactive NSF reports with the ability to make decisions on all or individual items.  This connects directly to the core, allowing any decisions to made in real-time.  It also allows users to view a customer’s name, account, and the number of items they have waiting to be reviewed.

Take reports anywhere with the peace of mind knowing that the data is secure and private.