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Digital Banking

Introducing Insite Digital Banking, a family of customer-facing products integrated with the Insite Banking System, designed to enhance the end user experience. By utilizing cutting-edge technology, intuitive interfaces, and secure core integration, our digital banking solutions provide the consumer-centered platform that community banks need to be relevant in today’s competitive financial services marketplace.

Currently, Insite Digital Banking has four primary modules:

Online Banking – Our Online Banking module is the internet solution that gives banks a true competitive advantage. It is simply the most robust and feature-rich system available to community banks today that can be fully integrated into the Insite Core™ system. It delivers real-time, interactive solutions to both your retail and commercial customers, making it possible for up-to-the-moment information to be available.

Mobile Banking – Mobile devices have become much more than just phones and with Insite Digital Banking, they now provide the secure, user-friendly account access that customers expect. Institutions can customize the mobile interface to match the organization’s colors and branding on the Online Banking site and your bank logo will be displayed prominently throughout. Our Mobile Banking module is about more than just staying connected with your customers and one step ahead of your competitors. It is about exceeding the high expectations of your connected, tech-savvy consumers.

Banking Apps – By creating dedicated apps that take advantage of the larger screen sizes of today’s tablets, we can transform the already robust Mobile Banking module and add such features as an expanded graphic interface, customized reporting, and consumer budget tracking. Our Digital Banking apps transform everyday tablets into powerful financial management devices—all on the go.

Business Banking – Make a difference in your corporate client’s bottom line by introducing Insite’s Business Banking™ module with Remote Capture, an internet banking package with onsite image capture technology. The Business Banking module provides 24 hour-a-day convenience, streamlined account administration, and puts automated cash management at your customer’s fingertips. Additionally, our quick and clean work flow helps keep business owners efficient, and on top of their game.