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Connection 2016: Insite Annual Conference Topic Voting

Each year, we place several ideas for session topics up for vote by our clients, to help ensure we are providing the programming for the event that matters the most to our attendees. Voting will begin on Tuesday, June 28th 2016, and continues through July 11th, 2016. You may select up to three answers. If you select “Other”, please include a brief description of your alternative topic.

The results and the full Conference schedule will be announced in this area and our newsletter on July 19th, 2016.

Voting Topics for Connection 2016

New Loan Payment Options – This session helps users identify the new loan payment options available through the Insite Banking System and discuss how to use these options to win new customers and streamline the loan management process.

ACH Processing – This session will focus upon discussing all of the elements surrounding ACH Processing: new reporting options, Positive Pay, and the procedures and requirements regarding same day processing.

Document Management Options for Insite – Electronic document management is no longer considered an “optional” add-on for most banks, rather it has become a cornerstone platform used to ensure a compliant, efficient workflow in today’s challenging digital world. Learn how Insite’s family powerful document imaging products generate competitive advantages, streamline workflows, and ensure that security and compliance initiatives are being met.

Integrated iTeller – This session will focus upon the integration of iTeller directly within Insite Core, and how the various features and workflows within iTeller will evolve and increase the speed, accuracy, and efficiency of your front-line staff.  

Enhanced Statement Processing – In today’s increasingly digital world, the effective processing, management, and distribution of electronic statements is a necessary and critical element in serving your customers. In this session, we will discuss Insite’s new statement processing options, and how they can be used to provide your customers increased flexibility, detailed information, and enhanced service.

Marketing the Mobile Banking Apps – This session will focus on the Mobile and Tablet Banking Apps and what you can do to market them to your customers. We will cover different strategies and options to get the app in the mind of your customers. We will also cover what customization options are available to help market your brand to your customers using the app.

Cybersecurity Best Practices – This session, featuring some of the thought leaders in the arena of cybersecurity, will help attendees identify some of the unique challenges facing the digital banking industry, and what steps banks need to take to protect their organization and customers.

Marketing Banking Products to Millennials – How is your organization marketing to the toughest, yet most important future demographic? Smart, connected, and tech-savvy, users from the ages of 18-35 are changing the face, and future, of banking. How banks reach out to these individuals will not only determine their current success, but also lay the groundwork for their future success.

New Account Opening Options and Procedures – In this session, we will discuss the new account opening procedures and how they can be used to attract new customers and businesses.

Asset Liability Management (ALM) and Call Report Analytics – This session will focus upon the Insite Banking System’s options for quick and accurate ALM and Call Report preparation and analysis that not only meet regulatory requirements, but also provide the insightful data necessary to make the best decisions for banks today.

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