Front Office vs. Back Office

The terms front office and back office stem from the distinction – customer facing and support.  The front office is typically everything that is customer facing and generating revenue – the revenue or profit centers.  The back office is generally everything that is not customer facing, a cost center or an area of the bank [...]

Meet the Team – Eddie Buchcanan

Eddie is one of our Network Technicians.  See what we learned about him! Favorite color:  Purple Favorite genre of movie:  Fantasy and Adventure Favorite food:  Steak Hobbies:  Tabletop gaming such as Dungeons and Dragons, also a variety or online/PC games. Place he has never been but wants to go:  Japan One animal he could be:  Komodo [...]

Sponsor Connection 2019 Today

Each October, Automated Systems, Inc. hosts a conference for users of the Insite Banking System. The conference draws 150+ banking representatives from over 75 community banks in the Midwest and across the nation.  During the conference, sponsors can participate and communicate face-to-face with community bankers. We offer 4 different levels of sponsorship, ranging from Silver [...]

Top 6 Tips for Creating an Effective Website

There is a lot of competition between community banks and larger, national banks. The larger banks may offer products and services that community banks do not, or they may have more convenient locations. Your website should give them information about why you're the best choice. Below are several ways to make your community banking website [...]

Meet the Team – Steve Urbauer

Steve is one of our Network Technicians.  See what we learned about him! Favorite color:  British Racing Green Favorite genre of movie:  Comedy Favorite food:  Lasagna Hobbies: I am a musician, I play guitar and piano. I also run for fitness, and bicycle for fun. Hidden Talent: Cooking! Place he has never been but wants to go:  Italian [...]

Meet the Team – Zach Ocken

Zach is a Network Technician II.  See what we learned about him! Favorite color:  Blue Favorite genre of movie:  Sci-Fi/Fantasy Favorite food:  BBQ Hobbies:  Pool and Board Games Hidden Talent:  It's hidden so well I haven't found it Place he has never been but wants to go:  Germany Who would you most like to swap [...]

Meet the Team – Angela LaPointe

Angela is one of our Administrative Assistants.  See what we learned about her! Favorite color:  Green Favorite genre of movie:  Drama Favorite food:  Breakfast food; eggs, hashbrowns, COFFEE Hobbies:  When I have time; I enjoy knitting, reading, reality TV, spending time with family, and my GRANDBABIES! Hidden talent:  I haven't found it yet :) Place [...]

What you need to know about Cryptocurrency: Part 1

This is a primer on Cryptocurrency.  It is a five-part series written by Bob Petersen that will continue weekly.  It is our goal to start your education in Cryptocurrencies so that you have a basic understanding of this relatively recent, alternative currency. Introduction and Overview The world of fiat currency is being, at least to [...]

The Fintech World

What is "Fintech"?  According to, INVESTOPEDIA it is "a portmanteau of financial technology that describes an emerging financial services sector in the 21st century."  The term used to only apply to back-end processing for customer and trade financial institutions.  This term has now expanded to include any technological innovation in the financial sector, including such things [...]