Data Security

Banking on a Win

Examining what makes a football team successful on a rudimentary level, it is the fact that the team is made up of many players working together to efficiently move the ball. The quarterback passing the ball, the receiver catching, and even the linebackers providing protection are all important pieces to the success of the game. [...]

Servers at End of Life – An Opportunity for Growth

Microsoft has announced that their Windows Server 2008 End of Life (EOL) is set for early next year (2020) and their Windows Server 2012 is slated for EOL in 2023. End of Life, for Microsoft, means that they will no longer provide any support or updates for these products, putting them at inevitable risk for [...]

Information Security

In today’s digital world, we see a great deal of news focused on cybersecurity, malware, phishing, viruses, and other topics related to online attacks.  There have been many publicized data breaches in the news over the last few years impacting large companies, including: Target, Sony, Equifax, JP Morgan.  You may be thinking, am I safe [...]