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Know More About Kristen

We met Kristen once, but we had more exciting questions to ask her!  Let's see what she said. If you had to invent a holiday what would it be:  I would just make February 29, Leap Day, a national holiday. It's a free, extra day every year! Best advice given to you:  Don't settle for [...]

The Importance of Company Photos

The internet is an amazing tool that helps us connect with people across the world. As our dependency grows in using that tool, it’s easy to get lost in anonymous interactions with others. How do you create a better, more personalized connection with your customers? On way is to put a face to a name. Providing pictures of your [...]

Pictures Say a Thousand Words, What About Videos?

If a picture says a thousand words, think of the volumes a video speaks. Video has made a huge impact on the advertising world since the first video commercial in 1941. With the introduction of cell phones, advertising is now sent straight to viewers' eyes. In the new instant advertising world, how does video stack [...]