Meet the Team – Aylin Karmazin

Aylin is one of our Client Services Analysts.  See what we learned about her! Favorite color:  Anything Blue or Purple Favorite genre of movie:  I will watch any genre anytime, after working at Blockbuster quite a few times. Favorite food:  I love Mexican and Mediterranean but love to try all kinds of new foods. Hobbies:  [...]

Meet the Team – Jose Rosas

Jose is one of our Account Relationship Managers.  See what we learned about him! Favorite color:  Sage Green Favorite genre of movie:  Comedy Favorite food:  Chicken Fried Steak Hobbies:  Sports Place he has never been but wants to go:  Iguazu Falls One animal he could be:  Aardvark One person to swap places with for a [...]

Connecting with Customers

It was in Kindergarten, when I first realized I am a people person. My Kindergarten teacher even pulled me aside one day to tell me, “Emily, I’m really happy that you like helping your peers so much, but that is my job. Your job is to learn.” It didn’t make sense to me that I [...]

Meet the Team – Irina Brown

Irina is our Administrative Assistant for the Finance and HR departments.  See what we learned about her! Favorite color:  Plum Favorite genre of movie:  Chick Flicks Favorite food:  Ice Cream Hobbies:  Going on walks with my dog, taking naps, going to baseball and football games. Hidden talent:  Cooking Place she has never been but wants [...]