Automated Systems, Inc. Helps Restore Service to Flooded Iowa Bank

Lincoln, Nebraska – June 27, 2008 As rain kept falling across Iowa over the past few weeks, many living near rivers feared the worst. Unfortunately for the residents of Elkader, Iowa, the worst is exactly what they got. The Clayton County Register reported that the predicted crest for the Turkey River had been 24 feet. […]

Automated Systems, Inc. Presents Innovative Insite iTeller™ Product

Lincoln, Nebraska – June 17, 2008 Automated Systems, Inc. is pleased to introduce iTeller™ as the latest addition to its line of community banking solutions. iTeller™ offers an easy-to-use system for tellers to conduct their daily business. Tellers can scan checks, create virtual transaction tickets, and print receipts from their workstation. With CAR/LAR technology, which […]